Dear Younger self

Dear younger self, i want to tell you a few things. 

its okay to not be okay sometimes, some days are harder then others and thats okay, don’t beat yourself up about it.

you’re going to fall down more times then you stand up, dont beat yourself up about it, some things just aren’t easy. 

you’re going to fall in love, and thats okay, you’re going to be broken, but remember he wont control your heart forever, he’ll be another lesson, he’ll teach you things and he’ll make you feel everything at once, cherish those moment’s because people come and go in life so easy but not everyone you will remember. 

You’re going to question you’re whole life, you’re going to wonder if you made the right decision. And thats okay to question, sometimes you wont like you’re answers though. But no matter what life will lead you in the right direction

you will love yourself one day and hate yourself the next, youll shred many tears. But this will make you stronger, you will build yourself up many times, but you will also be the one to tear yourself down. 

some days you’ll fight back the trust about a man you share DNA with, thats okay. You will spread you’re wings and fly away from the pain that once lived inside you’re heart. 

you’re going to achieve greatness, but you will also go through failure but dont give up, if you can’t climb over the rope, jump.

Don’t be afaird of the unknown, some days youll find yourself in a situation that you dislike, but you dont also dislike it in the end.

you’ll put yourself in situations that you wish you didnt but it will teach you many thing’s. Youll learn to let go of people you love to save them from you’re undecided mind. Thats okay. 

dear younger self love your life every hour and every minute people before you know another year goes by and then another

dear younger self love your older self 


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