The Race

You learn a lot in life that you are your own race, you are the only person who can get you to the finish line.

yes personal trainers, coaches, friends and familys all help you, but only to the extent. 

In the end your the one who has to get your own ass out of bed to smash that session, you’re the one who has to decide if you really want to eat that, you’re the only one that decides if you’ll put 110% into that workout or 10%. 

I’m someone who used to like being a winner. I didn’t like coming last. If i went in the race i intended to win. 

I’m someone that used to compare myself to others all the time, which lead me to being a disappointment in myself. 

but that someone changed. Not for the worse but for the good. As we get older we grow, we change like the weather. Some days we feel dark and our emotions are all over the place. Other days we feel on top of the world, bightness everywhere. 

In my life i have raced many races. and i have lost alot of them. I lost people i loved for reason ill never truely understand. I lost myself in a race that never intended me to win. But that doesn’t mean i stopped the race. 

no, it means i fought harder, and came back stronger. 

The Race i’m talking about isnt just my fitness race, its my race in this life.

No Race is easy. 

The race to the finish line is never a easy journey, but when you want something you’ll get to that finish line no matter what. 

i ran a race for 6 months, this race never intended me to win, i didnt give my all to this race though and Lucky i didn’t because I would have nothing left, so i left the race a little heartbroken and  a weight on my shoulder. But this race taught me so many thing’s and its helped me grow into a wiser person. 

We have all ran races, we all have stumbled, fallen, and we have all lost. 

I have had a lot of people that have been beside me in my races, but some never intended to be at the finish line. But you learn thats okay. You learn that in the end, you are you’re own race, you are the only person who can get you to the finish line. 

When i decided to start my own race in the fitness lifestyle, i didn’t know what to expect, i have had lots of people help me, and guide me which I’m very thankful for, but also have had heaps of people wait for me the fail, i have had people tell me ill never be anything, ill never achieve my dreams. 

But i was young and i thought everyone was my friend. i believed them, every word, every doubt. 

This lady back then who i used to look up to, told me ill never get on stage, ill never get lean enough, and i have big dreams to get on stage in the next year or so, and i can’t wait to say fuck you to her, but I’m glad she said that people it will push me harder on the days i don’t want to push at all. 

But i have grown so much since i began, i have learnt, i have fallen and i have rose again. 

The race I‘m racing at the moment, is my powerlifting comp. i have always doubted myself thinking i won’t get the lifts i want, that my lifts are weak are a paired to others. but now, I’m running my race with no doubts, no exceptions to beat anyone else but myself, I’m my own race, and i intend on getting to the finish line, in everything i do. 

Remember you are the only one to get you to the finish line.

You got this, you are a fighter, a warrior. Go smash this race with everything you have in you. 




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