Time to fly Little one

some days I wished someone told me to not grow up so quickly,

I wish i didn’t walk past the dirty puddle from the storm the night before, i wish i jumped in that puddle, played till mum called us in for dinner

i wish i enjoyed being a carefree kid more. 

before we know it we are nearly adults, making decisions, trying to figure out what the hell we want to do with the rest of our lives. 

The sad trust, some never figure out what they want to do, so they are suck working long hours in a job they hate. 

its scary, knowing that if we make to many mistakes with what we want to do while we are young it can totally make us another stat, another number in the graph who are unhappy with their jobs. 

i myself never want to be on the graph of someone whos hates their jobs. 

i want more in life, i want to be more in life. Sometimes i hate that i have to make so many decisions in my young life, but then i decided to grow up quickly.

so here i am, making mistake, learning that to get where we are meant to be we will have to make mistakes, to many of them for my liking. I thought i knew what i wanted to do with my life, but my mind and my passions change often. So here i am at square one with so many decisions to make. 

but learning that this is life, making mistakes, making decisions, growing up. 

im learning that life is a big learning curve. 

and for right now my decision is to the leave the nest, the safe nest. Its time to spread my wings and not be afaird. 

Usa 2017, im coming for you. With a heart full of passion and a mind full of excitement. 

time to fly high little one



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