Self Belief

Self-belief or self-confidence are thought to be the way that you feel about your skills, abilities, looks and behaviours. A person who has high confidence levels may learn things quickly, trust that they can complete tasks to a good standard or appear attractive to others.”

Self Belief. 

Something some of us don’t have, and other that do. 

I was 15 years old when i looked in the mirror and thought enough’s enough.

I was 15, weighing nearly 100kg and very unfit and unhappy. 

That day changed me, both mentally and physically. 

But i never thought i could do it, i never thought i would achieve what i have achieved now

People pretend to believe in you, i learnt that some people will show you encougment to you’re face, but behind your back they never truly could believe you could do it.

I was called fat my whole life, Whale and round face. 

I wasn’t strong back then, but i decided to change my life

One day at time, one life at a time 😉

I didn’t give 2 fucks about anyone options  anymore, lots of people didn’t believe in me, but i pushed through, i fought long and hard to get where i am now.

But only because i had self Belief in myself.

If  you want something, you got to want it with all your heart and soul, you got to put in the hard work, it isn’t easy. its bloody hard.

The amount of times i have broken down for the scales not moving, or looking in the mirror and feeling disgusting in my own skin, or seeing no changes,

But i never let that stop me, for fighting for my dreams and goals.

I was young when i decided to changed my life, i didn’t know how but i did it, i did it for myself, and I’m so glad i changed my life.

it isn’t easy, nothing in life comes easy. You need to work, you need to have courage within yourself . You need to do this for YOU, NO ONE ELSE.  I remember trying to change for others to like me, but  i needed to do it for myself. i fought injury after injury, i fought hard to get where i am now, 

I spent lots and lots of time in the gym. 

Long hour workouts, while my friends where hanging out, i was in the  gym. While i finished work late at night i was in the gym. Mornings where gym. Saturdays where spent doing legs for hours. in Last 6 months i have became smarter with my training, but i spent lots of time in the gym, fighting for my goals and getting them gains.

Im not going to tell you its easy, but I’m not going to tell you that you can’t do it. you can do ANYTHING you PUT YOUR HEART TO. 

I have self belief in myself, because i have worked this hard, i know that ill get them goals. I’m not special and my body isnt perfect, but I’m me, and i have put the sweat and tears to get where i am today, i like to believe I’m a little fighter in the heart. 

have some courage and follow you’re dreams, wherever they might lead you. 



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