Every single one of us has made mistakes right.

Mistakes that have made a skin crawl, Our hearts break. Mistakes that has changed our lives. Maybe even ended friendships and relationships, or even made us cry rivers. 

Little mistake from eating that midnight ice cream after saying your on a diet, to mistakes that can change your life. 

MISTAKES MAKE US HUMAN. Sometimes we think our mistakes can’t be fixed. in some cases they can’t be, but in other cases they can be. 

At the start of the year i made a mistake, i got involved with the wrong person. NO that doesn’t make me a bad person, it just makes me human. But after some things where said and down, i lost my best friend. 

And that day i learnt that you can’t TRUST everyone, 

You gotta choose you’re friends more wisely.

Some people lie to make you’re life miserable. 

Some people will manipulate you. 

Some people will use you’re fears against you. 

I got told lies, lies that made my heart break and made me turn on my best friend. I start things that still to this day i regret, i was angry and hurt. 

I made a Mistake and i let the mistake define me for awhile. 

Some people just aren’t nice people, they only want to see you suffer. 

I didn’t let that person win though

4 months later me and my best friend Caitlin, <shout out to my girl. we where reunited, and we talked and we found out that we where lied to and turned against each other for reason even to this day i still don’t understand. 

But MISTAKES only make us HUMAN. 

Have i made mistakes even after all this? 

Yes, so many. 

But they are mistakes. 

I don’t believe I’m a bad person because of them, i believe I’m a person who has made some bad mistakes.

but thats okay, because we live and learn. Im going to make million more mistakes, and its scary but its reality.






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